Authenticate Your App

Getting A Key

As is common with most APIs, only authenticated apps are authorized to make requests. To get authenticated access to the Autofy API, you'll need a key. This key is used to identify your application on the Autofy API, and you'll use it in every request your application makes. If you have multiple apps you'd like to connect to Autofy, you'll need multiple keys - one for each app.

To get a key, please send us a message using the messenger in the lower right corner of this page, and one will be sent to you. The key we'll give you is a Test key. You'll recognize that it's a test key, because the key itself will contain the word 'TEST'.

A test key gives you temporary access to the Autofy API, for up to 5 company files. The purpose of the test key is for you to be able to build a proof of concept integration during your evaluation of our platform.

Using Your Key

To use the key in your requests, set a header called x-api-key as the key, and your API key as the value. Before you start making requests, be sure to learn the steps in Getting Started. In this example, we're calling Autofy to retrieve a Customer from a specific company file, with placeholders for endpointID, the Customer's ID, and your API key.

curl --request GET \
  --url '{edpointID}/customer/{ID} \
  --header 'cache-control: no-cache'
  --header 'x-api-key: {YOUR_API_KEY}' \

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Authenticate Your App

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