Supported MethodsSupported Parameters
GET, POST, PATCHId, Name, modTimeStart, modTimeEnd, IsActive, page, pageSize, isDeleted
      "ID": "",
      "Name": "",
      "FullName": "",
      "Number": "",
      "Description": "",
       "Parent": {
           "ID": "",
           "FullName": ""
       "Balance": 0.0,
       "IsActive": true,
       "Type": "",
       "DetailType": "",
       "BankNumber": "",
       "CreatedDate": "2022-12-27T18:07:32Z",
       "LastModifiedDate": "2022-12-27T18:07:32Z",
       "DeletedDate": "2022-12-27T18:07:32Z",
       "Currency": {
             "ID": "",
             "FullName": ""
        "CashFlowClassification": "",
         "Level": 0

Important Notes

  • For QuickBooks Desktop: For BankNumber to be returned, the end user needs to have enabled the option "Allow this application to access Social Security Numbers, customer credit card information, and other personal data." when connecting to QuickBooks
  • For QuickBooks Desktop: Balance cannot be updated through the API as QuickBooks does not allow it.