Syncing with Multiple QBD Files

While specific scenarios exist in our docs here, please see additional best practices below when syncing with multiple QuickBooks files.

  • QuickBooks only allows one file to be open at a time. Users will either need to have the correct QuickBooks file open or keep QuickBooks closed.
  • It is recommended to keep QuickBooks closed if syncing with multiple files.
  • If a QuickBooks file is open and it is the incorrect file, QuickBooks will return an error.
  • If multiple QuickBooks files are open and a request is made, the request will fail due to multiple files being open.
  • It is not recommended to have multiple users syncing with multiple QuickBooks files on the same server.

Multiple QuickBooks Company Files in the Right Networks Environment

If syncing with multiple QuickBooks files in the Right Networks hosting environment, users are unable to keep QuickBooks closed. Therefore, it it recommended that QuickBooks is open but no company file is open.

  • Right Networks users may request that QuickBooks is opened upon login by reaching out to the Right Networks hosting support team
  • Leaving QuickBooks open but not to a company file will allow users to sync with multiple QuickBooks files

Connecting a User to Multiple Endpoints

Please follow below best practice when a user will be connecting to multiple endpoints.

  1. If you have not already, create a new user (see our docs here) and give the token to the user
  2. Have the user enter the token on the agent and click Save
  3. With the user logged in as the QB Admin to the first QBD company file, make the provisioning request
  4. User accepts the permissions certificate and an endpoint is returned
  5. Have the user log out of the first file and log in as the QB Admin for the next file. Note: Only one QBD file may be open at one time.
  6. The original token should remain in the agent (do not assign a new one to the same user). Make the provisioning request.
  7. User accepts the permissions certificate and an endpoint is returned.

Repeat the above process as many times as needed for the number of QBD files. A token may be associated to multiple QBD files. Please note it is best practice for a user to have only one token (not multiple) for ease of syncing.