Before Contacting Support

Before reaching out to our support team, please be sure you are following the steps below.

  1. Review any internal documentation created by your team.
  2. Review Autofy documentation. Please utilize the Search feature to search for your issue by keyword.
  3. If unable to find an answer within our documentation, run through the following next steps.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Is the user on the most recent version of the agent? See here on how to check the agent version. If the user is not on the newest version of the agent, obtain the newest agent, install, and try again.
  • Review the local log file
    • Look for the Request ID in question
    • The local log file will contain the QBDXML request and response
    • Look for any logs that include Exception Start
    • If logs contain an error with InteropServices, this typically points to a QuickBooks error. Please refer to our QuickBooks Troubleshooting doc.
  • Are you able to replicate the issue?
    • If yes, is it an accounting app error? Try entering the same record with the same exact information as the request in the accounting app. Please note that we do not offer app specific support and suggest referring to the accounting application's support documentation.
    • If no, is it an error from the API? Please refer to our error guide here.

Information to Provide

If you are unable to resolve, reach out to [email protected] with detailed information as outlined below:

  • The requestID from your request as text in the body of your message (this is the most important piece of information)
  • The full request you sent
  • What you expected to happen & what actually happened
  • Any error codes or messages
  • How to replicate
  • The local log file
  • Troubleshooting steps you have taken

Things to think about when submitting a ticket:

  • Is this happening to one endpoint or to many endpoints?
  • Did this happen once or is it happening continuously?
  • Did you try the request more than once?
  • What steps did you try to resolve on your end?

Support Expectations

Our team is available on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm Central (excluding holidays) and will respond to support requests within 8 business hours.

While the team offers offers Tier 2 dev support, we do not offer Tier 1 end user support.


ISVs may expect an initial response within 8 business hours. Our team relies on the information you provide to diagnose a support request. Dependent upon the information submitted, Autofy will provide you with next steps.

Please be sure to follow any provided next steps exactly and report your results. Diagnosis is often the most time consuming part of the process and can take 1-2 business days. Once our team has a diagnosis, we can work on making a fix which is typically the fastest part of the process.

Some fixes can be applied immediately while other fixes may require an agent update.

Follow the changelog for agent release notes.

Escalation Policy

An ISV may request to escalate a support issue. Dependent upon the impact of the issue in queue, an escalation will be reviewed for re-prioritization. Please note that a screen share may be offered in the subsequent 48-72 hours only if all requested information from the Autofy team has been provided.