Going to Production

When you have thoroughly tested your integration and are ready to go live to production, please keep the following best practices in mind.

Branded Agents

Before going to production, it is important that you are providing end users with your branded agent. Please see our branding documentation for submitting branding assets.

Auto Updating

Read about our auto updater process here to make sure your customers stay up-to-date with our current agent releases.

Request IDs

Keep track of Request IDs, along with error codes and messages for each request.

  • If you receive an error, please refer to our Error Guide and Troubleshooting documentation.
  • Include this Request ID when reaching out to support.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Troubleshooting documentation found here. Included are suggested next steps for troubleshooting an issue, additional documentation for specific error codes, and details to provide if needing dev support.

End User Support

Autofy does not provide end user support. ISVs are responsible for managing end user support and all communications with the end user.


Refer to our changelog for releases and create an RSS feed to be notified of new releases.