Supported MethodsSupported Parameters
GET, POST, PATCHmodTimeStart, modTimeEnd, id, isActive
	"ID": "",
	"Initials": "",
	"IsActive": true,
	"Entity": {
		"ID": "",
		"FullName": ""
	"LastModifiedDate": "2023-01-11T16:09:25Z",
	"DeletedDate": "2023-01-11T16:09:25Z",
	"CreatedDate": "2023-01-11T16:09:25Z"

Important Notes

  • Supported for QBD Only
  • ID is required for PATCH
  • For the Entity:
    • only the ID or FullName is required. It must be an existing entity on any of the following lists: Vendor, Employee, or OtherNames.
    • each Entity reference may only be used once