Getting Started

We're thrilled that you want to use Autofy to provide integration to your customers. Before you start your integration journey, we wanted to share a few tips and best practices.

You're In The Right Place

Everything you need to build and test your integration is right here. Be sure to read the documentation thoroughly to make sure you're getting everything you need from the platform. But if you have any questions, please reach out and the team will be glad to help.

Plan Your Integration Flow

While Autofy can help you get access to the data you need, you will need to plan out what calls to make (and when) to support the data flow that your users want. Make a flow diagram that describes all the actions you'll need to take to enable your desired data flow.

Once you know what data you'll need and when, integrate this into how your user experience works. For instance, if you make a mass mail app, you would get all your customers' customer records and store them on your side, refreshing as necessary, rather than making realtime calls for individual records.