QuickBooks Troubleshooting


QuickBooks Application Support

Autofy support does not include any content or service directed at application specific error messages or issues, and standard practice is to consult with that app's documentation and support resources.

While Autofy does not provide support for specific QuickBooks errors, we may have recommendations for troubleshooting and next steps to work on support issues related to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks 22/23/24 Sync Manager General Troubleshooting

  • Preform a hard reboot of server/machine where QuickBooks is installed to insure all QuickBooks processes and services have been reset.

  • Reset the QuickBooks permissions certificate if one already exists: https://developer.getautofy.com/docs/resetting-the-quickbooks-desktop-permissions-certificate

  • Reinstall QuickBooks and the qbfc13 driver to ensure it's components have been correctly installed: https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbdesktop/docs/get-started/older-versions-of-the-desktop-sdk

  • Uninstall any other versions of QuickBooks from the machine that are not in use. This is typically the step where the most success has been seen.

  • If all else fails, we highly recommend checking their QBSDK logs, which contains helpful information in regards to any failures with the Quickbooks application itself. If exceptions are present within this QBSDK log file, we advise beginning a conversation with Intuit to diagnose application errors that may be occurring. Further detail lies below on how to enable and analyze these logs.

QuickBooks Error Codes

QuickBooks error codes typically begin in the 3xxx range. For QuickBooks specific error codes, please reach out to Intuit for diagnosis or additional clarification.

Using the qbskdlog File

Some QuickBooks errors may result in messaging that tells you to refer to the qbsdklog file. According to Intuit documentation, the qbsdklog file may be found in this location: c:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks\qbsdklog.txt

It is recommended for ISVs to review the qbsdklog file for any exceptions thrown by QuickBooks. If there are exceptions in the qbskdlog file, please reach out to Intuit.

Enabling Verbose Logging

If the qbsdklog file does not contain specific exception messages, Intuit recommends enabling verbose logging for a short time in order to see more specific exception messages. Please follow Intuit's article here on enabling verbose logging.

To reinstate, if there are exceptions in the qbskdlog file, please reach out to Intuit.