Request Throttling

Autofy lets authenticated customers make valid requests to process millions of records every month. In keeping with our commitment to make the service highly available, we've put throttling protections in place.

The goals we have for setting these limits are three-fold:

  • Not to impact reasonable use of the platform
  • Prevent abuse
  • Find opportunities to increase these limits over time

Request Limit

Autofy limits requests to 100 per minute, per endpoint ID. You may see this value change as we refine where the limit can be set prior to going live. Any changes to the limit will only be increases.

Limit Info

Responses contain additional headers to denote limit information:

RateLimit-Limit: The number of requests allowed per minute.
RateLimit-Remaining: The number of requests you can make before the limit reset.
RateLimit-Reset: The number of seconds until the limit resets.