Error Guide

Error Types

Autofy uses HTTP error codes to group possible errors that can occur during a request.

Generally speaking, 200 responses indicate the request was successful. Note that even though you've received a 200, that doesn't necessarily mean the result is what you want or expect.

4xx errors generally mean that your request wasn't able to be processed with the information provided. This could range from invalid authorization, to a bad or missing object name.

5xx errors generally mean some or all of the service isn't reachable. This could range from service unavailability (which is extremely rare), to an Agent that isn't connected and is therefore not available for you to call.

3xxx errors are specific to QuickBooks Desktop. Please refer to the QuickBooks Troubleshooting doc for additional information.

Success Responses

200OKEverything has worked as expected.

Note: This also includes unfavorable outcomes that have otherwise successfully processed through the platform. Review responses and outcomes carefully to see if they align with your use case.

Error Responses

1300An unknown error happened when interacting with the endpoint.
1301An unknown error happened when constructing response.
1302Unable to retrieve token from agent.The Agent's token couldn't be retrieved, either because it's not connected to Autofy, or because of an internal error.
1303Internal server error.The service is unavailable for use, either for planned maintenance, or internal error.
1304An error occurred while managing user.
1400A required header was missing in your request.
1401A required header was invalid in your request.
1402The endpoint you're trying to access does not belong to your app.The API key provided doesn't have access to the endpointID in the request.
1403Your trial use of this api key has expired.Your trial period with the API has ended.
1404GET requests for your API key must specify either an Id, Name, or Number.Applies to TRIAL keys, where bulk GETs are not supported.
1405Too many requests.Rate limit has been hit for making too many calls over a rolling time period.
1406The endpoint is already inactive and cannot be reactivated. Please provision a new endpoint.
1407The token you are trying to access does not belong to your app.
1409Your api key has hit the limit of connected active companies.
1500The parameter EndpointId was invalid in your request.
1501The parameter EndpointId was missing in your request.
1502The endpoint you're trying to access is marked as inactive.The endpointID in your request has been deprovisioned. See the user provisioning guide to connect to a company again.
1503The request body was missing in your request.
1504The request body was invalid in your request.
1505The request parameter userId was invalid in your request.
1506The request parameter companyId was missing in your request.
1507The request object was not found.
1508The requested action is not supported.
1509The request parameter token was missing in your request.
1510Invalid token.The token is inactive or does not exist
1511A required parameter was missing in your request.
1512The object [objectType] is not supported for app [appName].For the application you're sending requests for, the object you're requesting isn't supported. For example, Sales Orders are not supported by QuickBooks Online.
1513[objectType] not supported.The object you've indicated in your request isn't supported by Autofy as outlined in our docs or Meta API.
1514The specified name is invalid: [].
1515Missing value for parameter(s).Parameters needed for your request are missing a required value.
1516Invalid value for [parameter name] parameter.
1517Method not supported for requested object.The method used in your request isn't available for the object you've specified.
1519Invalid parameter [p] for [object].The parameter you used isn't supported for that object. For example, calling GET for an Invoice's name instead of its number or ID.
1520This report type is not supported.The report 'name' is incorrect or is not a report currently supported.
1523The request parameter userId was missing in your request
1524The request parameter id was invalid in your request.
1525The request parameter id was missing in your request.
1600The agent's response was empty.
1601No response from agent.The Agent couldn't be reached, most likely because it isn't running, it's not logged in, or the computer is off or logged out.
1602The request took too long and the agent did not respond in time.
1604Failed to connect to endpoint.If an app specific message is available, it will be returned here in place of the standard message.
1605Another request is in process.
1700There is no company associated with this user.
1800The record you're trying to create already exists.
1900The queue for the agent your trying to interact with is already full.The Agent is currently processing a request and can't respond to another one.