How to de-activate your end users so that they can't use your integration, and are removed from Autofy billing.

Make the de-provisioning request

De-provisioning a Company is done one at a time. To make the de-provisioning call, make this request:

curl --request PATCH \
  --url \
  --header 'x-api-key: {YOUR API KEY}' \
  --data '{"endpointId":"YOUR_ENDPOINT_ID","isActive":"false"}'

Here is the response:

    "Self": "",
    "Kind": "collection",
    "RequestId": "4FAE4AABD4C545AEA5FCA18ECF4A872E",
    "Page": 1,
    "MoreData": null,
    "HasErrors": false,
    "Contents": [
            "Object": {
                "companyName": "Larry's Landscaping & Garden Supply",
                "fullPath": "C:\\Users\\LL001424\\Documents\\QB\\sample_service-based business.qbw",
                "version": "",
                "dateTimeCreated": "2023-06-14T21:26:14.807",
                "dateTimeLastAccess": "2023-06-14T21:29:16.743",
                "endpoint": "qbd",
                "endpointId": "xxxxx",
                "id": "",
                "isActive": false,
                "userId": "xxxxx",
                "token": "xxxxx",
                "externalId": "",
                "appName": "xxxxx",
                "isRightNetworks": null
            "Errors": null,
            "Self": "",
            "Kind": "collection"
    "Errors": []

The response confirms the details of the Company (endpointID) that you have de-provisioned.


There are 3 ways to confirm that you have indeed removed your end Customer from the API:

  1. Review the response of the de-provisioning call (in step 2 above).

  2. Select list of inactive Companies (endpointIDs).

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'x-api-key: {YOUR API KEY}' \
  1. Make a call to an inactive Company (endpointID) and confirm the response.