Welcome to Autofy!


We built the Autofy API to make it easy for you to connect your application with leading accounting apps. With a single implementation to our API, you'll be able to push and pull data in real time to multiple accounting applications, using familiar REST based methods. This is in contrast to building your own integration framework, or even building out individual point-to-point integrations.

What is the Autofy API?

The Autofy API is a REST-based Application Programming Interface that exposes accounting data to your application. By connecting your app, you'll be able to exchange data with many accounting apps using a single master data format. Exchanging data in our format ensures that the fields you send or receive will be supported by the back-end accounting app you're integrating to.


Who is this API for?

If you're a software company or developer who has users that ask you to integrate to their accounting apps, the Autofy API is for you.

  • As a white-label service, you're in full control of your user experience.
  • We built our platform for scale - including high availability infrastructure, a deep focus on design, and a expert team of developers to back you up through implementation and ongoing support.

What you'll find in our docs

There are two sections of our docs: Guides, and API Reference. In our guides, you will find resources on how to authorize your application, add and remove companies, data format details, best practices, and much more. Our API reference will show you technical details about how to use each part of our platform.

A note about versions

The Autofy API is currently on version 2. We recommend that everyone use version 2, because as our go-forward version, all new enhancements and development will happen there.

However for our version 1 customers, you can still reference those docs here. We currently have no plans to deprecate, and will continue to support version 1 in the future.

If you have questions

Please reach out by sending us a message, and our team will gladly answer your questions.

What’s Next